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Welcome to our community on Live Journal...This community is as it says for Digital Artists, whether you use Poser, Adobe Photoshop, Bryce, etc. We encourage you to join and show us your art!! :-) If you are an artist who makes brushes, filters and the like for Adobe Photoshop...PLEASE by all means join. If you are someone who does textures, modeling, props and the like for programs such as POSER...JOIN US!!! If you do your OWN ORIGINAL tubes for PSP, JOIN US!!! If you do visual poetry, by all means JOIN US!

We have a few rules that you need to look over before joining:

We ask that you be 18 and over to join! We will most likely have sensual/nude images on our community and we wouldn't want children seeing that...thank you for understanding..

1. ONLY your own original artwork (DO NOT steal art from someone and post it to the community claiming it as your own), this includes PSP tubes.

2. We are a community for digital artwork including 3D art, digital painting, photo manipulation and other PRIMARILY digitally rendered artwork.

3. You do not have to be an artist to join and comment, but please be respectful of all of the artists here. This is not a clip art community and images are not to be posted ANYWHERE ---- other art sites, your personal website, etc -- without the permission of the artist. Some artists are fine with this if you just ask. Copying for your own personal use (for appreciation or for use on your computer desktop is fine).

4.A digital manipulation of another's artwork is plagarism. Any proof of this will result in removal from the community.

5.Everyone wants comments on their artwork... If you want to receive comments... give comments. All comments, constructive criticism/technical assistance should be done in a helpful manner. Rudeness and cruelty will not be tolerated. If you can't find anything nice or constructive to say, don't comment at all. *smiles*

6.Please put all artwork behind a cut or post as a link to your own personal web space. Some artwork is large and takes a lot of space on other members' friends lists. (IF you need to know how to make an LJ cut just ask a moderator or a member of the community, we are a helpful bunch!)...IF your artwork contains any sort of nudity and/or sexuality/sensuality PLEASE put a warning in your post..so people have the choice of clicking or not clicking! Also if you are posting something that is questionable on content make it a FRIENDS ONLY post!!! Thanks!!

7. If you do "visual" poetry, please make sure you list that it is poetry in your subject and if you can include an image along with your poetry!!

8. PLEASE put the title of your art pieces in the subject of your post, we put everyone's stuff in memories so it will be easy to find! Thank you!

9. PLEASE when you post your artwork make sure you put it on a server where it will be staying..broken images suck for people who come to see and enjoy the art on our community. If you MUST move them please ask one of the moderators to edit your post for you! That way we don't see the dreaded red X when we look through the memories and posts on the community!

10. NO promoting or advertising personal, business or competitive events or art sales of ANY kind unless it has been approved by Dimitri (achaikos) or Vikki (basic_black) first. Any promotions/advertisements posted in this community without prior permission will be deleted.

Art/Poetry Content Rules:

Artistic and tasteful nudity is permitted, as is homo-erotic and SOME sexually oriented images, however, please keep the artwork/poetry you post here -tasteful-.

Child Porn
/XXX-rated poetry/art. "Sensual..leave it to the imagination" work is fine..If you are in doubt about ANY image, please let Dimitri or Vikki know and we can check it out before you post it!!

**WE DO reserve the right to delete ANY image/poem we deem inappropriate and our decisions are absolute and final!

Think you can handle the rules? Yes? GOOD..just click and join us! We can't wait to see your art/poetry!! :-)

Once our community grows and we get more members posting art work, we will begin having CONTESTS....and challenges! Yes, you heard it right...Join the group and watch for more details!! ;-)

Please be aware as this is an ARTISTIC community that there may be 'controversial' subjects displayed here.. such is the nature of art. As long as the artwork stays within the above stated rules, it is permitted here, though we do reserve the right to remove anything that we consider to be offensive. If you are offended by controversial subjects, such as nudity, sensuality, alternative religion and the like, we would ask you to leave the community out of respect to the artists here. Thanks

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